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Wallabi Is. - Abrolhos Custom image.

  • Landgate's Western Australian  aerial photographic archives contain aerial imagery of larges sections of this state, with the state coastline especially well covered.  

    This example is a highly attractive view of Wallabi Island in the Abrolhos complex.

    For specific client needs, additional data can be overlaid on the imagery such as..

    • Topographic contours
    • Cadastral information.
    • Cultural features
    • Infrastructure footprints - especially for the Metro area.

    Sample image shown...    A1  850 mm x 650 mm laminate

    Customized Photos..                                                                                                                                                 Images can be built any scale, covering very small to very large areas of ground, and supplied in paper or laminated format.    When dealing with the Perth Metro area, as well as the major towns, Images can be created that provide       " building level " views of the area for a variety of commercial purposes.




    Wallabi Is. - Abrolhos Custom image.
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