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USA Operating Mines - 2022.

  •  This map was constructed and published in mid 2022 in response to client inquiries for a map displaying operations in the United States of America.     The whole issue of Critical Minerals has sparked great interest in the US mining scene, and this map displays all the current operating mines in mainland US.   The data is drawn from many industry and private sources, as well as the United States Geological Services.

    The map displays the following:

    • Current operating Mines
    • Mines listed by metals in separate index.
    •  Minerals key for Mine product ID.
    • Refineries and processing plants.

    This map can be produced at any size above A1, and printed to a variety of sub-strates including Synthetic Paper, laminated, PVC board, or Magnetic metal.

     Please allow 5- 8 working days for production and shipping.


    USA Operating Mines - 2022.
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