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South Australia Power Generation.

  • This map is derived from the Australian Power Generation data base, and presents the state area specifically in terms of the complete power and energy program in place.   The map includes the following:

    • Planned and Operational Plants
    • Wind and Solar plants.
    • Hydro-Electric sites.
    • Pump Hydro projects.
    • Green Hydrogen plants
    • Green Hydrogen Hubs.
    • Mines using Renewable Energy.
    • Coal and Diesel Generation.
    • Gas powered Generation.
    • Utility Battery sites
    • Oil and Gas pipeline infrastructure.
    • Power transmission lines 33 KVA to 330 KVA.

     Custom Products:     This map can be produced as a standard product and size, or customized to a client's specific needs.   Additional data can also be overlaid if needed.

    Map sheets can be printed to a variety of sub-strats, including laminated paper, synthetic paper, PVC sheeting and steel.

    Please allow 5-8 working days for production and delivery, and feel free to call us on +61 455 296 533 or email  info@businessmaps.com.au  with any queries.

    South Australia Power Generation.
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