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Queensland - State Reference Map.

  • This colorful and detailed map of Queensland is drawn from the main Australia General Reference map, published in 2012 with newly updated data by Geoscience Australia.   The map provides the following information..

    • Detailed broad scale map of the state of Queensland. 
    • All major and secondary roads.
    • Color coded topographic information, including highly detailed waterways and lakes, and land elevations.
    • Overview of ocean depths around the state.
    The map is ideal for an operations room or warehouse; or as a framed center piece in you reception or board room.

    Example map supplied...  1000 mm x 700 mm laminated.

    Customized Variations..                                                                                                      The map can be custom built to any size and printed on a variety of sub-strats, such as laminated paper, PVC sheets, Synthetic paper, and Magnetic Steel.                                    The Queensland custom state map is one of a special series of 11 maps produced by Business Maps Australia from the Australian General Reference Map, published by Geoscience Australia.   The others are on display and available for purchase on this site. 


    Custom State Map of Queensland
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