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DG World Shipping Map

  • Digital Map Image.
    This new to market World Shipping Map has been published by Business Maps Australia in response to the inquiry from clients over the recent past, for an up to date World map that displays quality shipping data that visually displays the global commerce patterns. 
    The map features the following..
    • Full color political data on national boundaries.
    • Detailed information on cities and towns
    • Shipping routes in High / Medium / Low density traffic formats.
    • Tracks are color coded for pictorial traffic display.
    • Over 130 major ports on all continents in highlighted color.
    • Ports are color coded to show handling of Iron Ore / Oil / Containers / Coal.
    This map is designed to display all of this key information in one format, and provide businesses, commerce and the Education system with a product to compliment planning and study relating to global trade.

    This map can now be purchased as a Medium Resolution Digital PDF file, for use under license in your company IT system, providing all the members of the team with both identical and updated data on the relevant industry. 

    The Imagery License entitles the purchaser to install the imagery on each computer in the company, for research, marketing and operational functions.   This license specifically prohibits the purchaser from reproducing the image in a hardcopy format, and providing the imagery and data to any third party.

    World Shipping map
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