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DG West Australia Power and Energy Map

  •  Digital Map Image. 

    Business Maps Australia is pleased to bring to publication for the first time a comprehensive map of the Western Australian Power Generation and Transmission industry.    This map incorporates the latest data from multiple industry sources, and displays the following information:

    • Key Pipeline infrastructure relating to the onshore Gas market.
    • State power transmission grid.
    • Key Gas generation sites both government and private.
    • Coal fired power generation sites.
    • Key gas generation infrastructure in the mining industry.
    • Renewable Energy projects across WA - both planned and operational.
    • Mines with planned or operational Renewable energy generation.

    Custom Products:     As always, the map can be customized to any client's specific needs, with additional data / assets / company information as is needed.     

    This map can now be purchased as a Medium Resolution Digital PDF file, under license from Business Maps Australia, and allows the purchaser to use the imagery in their company IT systems; installing it on company computers and AV systems, for planning, marketing and operational purposes.

    The License prohibits the purchaser from reproducing the imagery in hardcopy format, and supplying the image, hardcopy or digital data to any third party.


    DG West Australia Power and Energy Map
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