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DG Australia - Top 30 Ports

  • Digital Map Image

    Australia as an island nation has always been dependent on sea trade for the export of its products to customers overseas, and for importing commodities needed here at home.   Now you can see in One NEW Publication the whole of Continental Australia and all it's key Maritime data including..

    • Main Cities and Regional centres
    • Major ports in every state.
    • Key commodities handled in each centre.
    • Ports listed in Geographic Legend.
    • Legend listing of all major commodities handled

    This full color map of Continental Australia displays the 30 key ports on the Australian mainland, showing all these data collectively in one publication for easy reference, and forms part of the B.M.A. Trade Map Series.

    This map can now be purchased as a Medium Resolution Digital PDF file, for use under license in your company IT system, providing all the members of the team with both identical and updated data on the relevant industry. 

    The Imagery License entitles the purchaser to install the imagery on each computer in the company, for research, marketing and operational functions.   This license specifically prohibits the purchaser from reproducing the image in a hardcopy format, and providing the imagery and data to any third party.

    Please contact us on +61455 296 533, or on email  info@businessmaps.com.au for further information.

    Shipping Ports of Australia - Ports and their Commodities.
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