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DG Asia Pacific LNG Terminals - 2020.

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    This new updated version of the Asia West Pacific LNG Terminals map has been produced by Business Maps Australia to provide the Oil and Gas industry with a large format size, comprehensive visual display of one of the most commercially active LNG markets in the world.                                                                                                        The Australian LNG industry has seen huge growth in recent years, with some estimates of over  A $200 billion being invested in multiple mega projects.    This includes three projects in Gladstone in Queensland that are the first in the world to produce LNG from Coal Seam Gas.      The of the map and industry data stretches from Mumbai and Dahej in Western India, across the northern areas of continental Australia, north through southern Asia and Japan and into the eastern reaches of Russia with the Sakahlin 2 project on Sakhalin Island.    The map includes:

    • Detailed political data of the region.
    • over 120 LNG Receiving and Production facilities.
    • Symbology for Planned / Under construction / Operational units.
    • 80 % of plants have company names listed 
    • Planned and current F L N G projects
    • Land based and FSRU facilities.
    • Asian receivers supplied by Australian produced LNG.
    • Off take Partners to each Australian project where possible.                                      

    This map can now be purchased as a Medium Resolution Digital PDF file, for use under license in your company IT system, providing all the members of the team with both identical and updated data on the relevant industry. 

    The Imagery License entitles the purchaser to install the imagery on each computer in the company, for research, marketing and operational functions.   This license specifically prohibits the purchaser from reproducing the image in a hardcopy format, and providing the imagery and data to any third party.


     Please feel free to call us on +61455 296 533, or email to  info@businessmaps.com.au  with any queries or orders.



    DG Asia Pacific LNG Terminals - 2020.
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