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Energy Metals of Australia

  • The Renewable energy industry is one of the leading growth industries around the world, and here in Australia it is experiencing enormous growth.     Business Maps Australia has just published a new to market product that is unique in the industry - The Australian Energy Metals Map.    

     There are ten key minerals that are critical to producing many components of the Renewable Energy machinery, and especially the commercial and utility sized storage batteries.     Now able to handle up to 300 MW of power generation and storage, these massive units hold a key to energy production, and Australia has large quantities of most of these minerals across our nation.      Also displayed in this publication are the strategic mines and key prospects for the Rare Earth Minerals, vital to other key industries.

    This unique map displays a comprehensive listing of information relating to this industry;

    • Planned and operational mines for Lithium, Graphite, Manganese, Cobalt, Zinc, Aluminium and Bauxite, Copper, Nickel, Tin and Vanadium.
    • Rare Earth Mines.
    • Key Prospects for the energy metals.
    • Prospects for the REE finds.
    • Planned and operational Lithium plants.
    • Planned Battery building plants.
    • Base metal refineries and smelters.
    • Full infrastructure including road, rail, and Gas pipelines.

    For the first time, all this information is now available in one publication, and is an ideal document for explorers, miners, investors, and any group with interests in the Green energy production and storage industry.

    Custom Products:                                                                                                             As with all Business Maps products, this map can be customized to a client's specification, with additional data overlaid, company details, asset data etc.     It can be produced at any size above A1, and we can print the image to a range of Media backings including Steel / Foam board / Synthetic Paper and PVC plastic sheet.

    Please call us on 0455 296533 with any questions or needs.


    Energy Metals of Australia
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