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Australian New Mineral Prospects - 2022

  • This map was built in mid 2022 and displays many of the new mineral deposits discovered in the past five years, including deposits of Rare Earth Minerals across the nation.   Many of these discoveries include new deposits of minerals now classified as Critical Minerals by the Australian and other world governments.                                        Also featured for the industry's practical useage is the national network of oil and gas pipelines.   This map includes 45 separate data layers, and displays the following..

    • Rare Earth mineral deposits, defined as Hard Rock or Ionic Clay.
    • Coal
    • Polymetallic deposits.
    • Copper- Gold - Silver
    • Graphite
    • Nickel - Cobalt
    • Tin / Lead / Zinc
    • Tungsten
    • Lithium
    • Battery Plants
    • Lithium Refineries.
    • Rail and pipeline infrastructure.

     Custom Products:   This map can be customized to suit any client's operational and projected needs.    Additional information such as company assets and projects can also be overlain as needed.

    Please allow 5- 10 working days for production and shipping.





    Australian New Mineral Prospects - 2022
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