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World Oil and Gas Map - 2012

  • This state-of-the-industry map clearly shows fields and pipelines, labelled by fuel type, to indicate transportation routes between countries.     Produced by a team of professional cartographers to extremely high standards, this map is accurate, comprehensive and easy to use, and shows the following information...

    • Locations of major oil & gas fields; major oil & gas pipelines including those planned or under construction.
    • Existing LNG import terminals and export plants.
    • Major oil refineries and tanker terminals; and key oil and gas pipeline projects.
    • Rankings of top 10 oil & gas producing countries, major oil & gas discoveries in 2010, and LNG trade movements.
    • World oil statistics including regional production, proved reserves, and consumption.
    • World gas statistics including regional production, proved reserves, and consumption
    • Inset maps of deepwater exploration in Brazil's Pre-salt Santos Basin; offshore oil and gas fields (shallow and deepwater) in the USA's Gulf of Mexico (Texas & Louisiana); export pipelines from Algeria; the North Sea's dense pipeline infrastructure; and Japan's LNG import facilities

    Data published July 2011.
    Map supplied..        1180 mm x 920 mm.

    Laminating..            $30.00                                                                                                                                               Please allow 6- 10 working days for delivery.


    World Oil and Gas Map
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