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Regional Australia - 250,000 scale

  • This Customized product is taken from the National Mapping Service's digital mapping data, and enables Business Maps Australia to produce sections of detailed mapping for any purpose, for any area of Australia.  The mapping contains the following data..  

    • Major and minors roads
    • Road / highway markers and distances in Kilometers.
    • Airports / helipads and landing grounds.
    • Gates / cattle grids / embankments and cuttings.
    • Railway tracks / stations and sidings / bridges and tunnels.
    • Power Transmission lines.
    • Homesteads and abandoned buildings.
    • Comprehensive coverage of waterways / watercouses and lakes.
    • All land contours at scale 1:250,000.
    • Natural vegetation and forests / Urban recreation lands where applicable.
    • Basic coastal features - mud flats / coastal wrecks / lighthouses / wharves /jetties/ breakwaters. 

    Made to Measure Map Sections..                                                                                           Clients can specify the areas needed, along with physical size of the map suited to them.       Company logos, asset positions, and other basic data can also be overlaid, to client specifications.                                                                                                                          Data provided courtesy of Geoscience Australia.

    Sample - 1:250,000 scale topo political mapping
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    Sample - 1:250,000 scale topo political mapping Regional Australia -  250,000 scale

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