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Nigeria Energy Map 2006.

  • Published with data from August 2005, this map shows the following information...

    • Major oilfields, pipelines, oil refineries, product pipelines,and tanker terminals.
    • Main Gas fields and pipelines, gas processing plants, LNG plants and depots.
    • G.T.L. processing plants.
    • F.P.S.O.s and storage facilities.
    • Coalfields and deposits.
    • Power Stations, Transmission lines.

    Side Maps show..

    • Nigeria deepwater infrastructure
    • Offshore Escravos area
    • Offshore Qua Iboe Area
    • Joint development zone

      Data and Tables..

      • Nigerian statistics including: General demographics; Economic indicators; Energy indicators
      • Nigerian LNG industry
      • Export facilities
      • Nigeria 2005 bid round.                                                                                                                          Map supplied..        1140 mm x 890 mm.                                                                                                      Laminating..            $30.00                                                                                                                            Allow 5  - 8 working days for delivery.


      Map of Nigeria's Energy sources.
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