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Global Unconventional Gas Plays - 2011

  •  Published in 2012, this map provides the following information on key global unconventional gas plays..                  Major global plays and basins for Shale Oil / Oil Shale
    •  Major global plays and basins for Coal Bed Methane(CBM) /  
       Coal Seam Gas (CSG)
    •  Major global plays and basins for Oil Sands / Heavy Oil.
       Company Data..
    •  Individual country notes on key companies, including current
       government attitude
    •  Table: North American Shale Gas companies.
       Australian CBM / CSG highlighting exports for Asian markets.
    •  Natural gas and recoverable Shale Gas resources
    •  World graphic: Unconventional versus Conventional: Heavy Oil
        and Oil Shale with table showing Proved Oil reserves and
        recoverable Heavy Oil resources
    •  Unconventional gas production forecast by region
       2008 and 2035
    •  Unconventional liquids production forecast by fuel type
       2008 and 2035
    •  Glossary of Unconventional terms.

    Map supplied..         1260 mm x 890 mm.                                                                             Laminating..             $30.00                                                                                                        Allow 6 -10 working days for delivery.



    Global Unconventional Gas Plays Map
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