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Question..    What forms of payment does BMA accept.

Answer..      Business Maps Australia accepts Visa, Master card and Paypal.    

                    If you wish to take advantage of E.F.T., please contact us directly, and we will be

                    happy to arrange it.                        

Question..   If I am buying from overseas, what currency are the website prices set in?

Answer..      All prices displayed on the website are set in Australian dollars (AUD).   Please contact us                      for special orders and price conversions.


Question..   If I am purchasing from overseas, how do I pay for my products.

Answer..      For orders up to AUD$500, we are happy to take payment by international credit cards                         such as Amex, Visa or Master card.   For larger purchases - especially over AUD $1000,                      we suggest sending the client an official Business Maps Australia Tax Invoice with full                       pricing, and the client finalize payment through Electronic Funds Transfer facilitated by                        their local bank.


Question..    Does BMA only sell special custom maps.

Answer..      No.   We sell a range of mapping products in standard sizes as part of our

                   online service.   Because we are oriented to the Business market, we also display

                   and sell the largest range of oil and gas, and hard rock mining maps in Australia.

                   These are produced by two of the largest mapping companies in the world, and are

                   of premium quality.


Question..   Can I have my maps laminated, and is it expensive.

Answer..      We can laminate any map produced by BMA, or other companies.  Pricing depends on

                   map sizes, and client pricing is available for any custom task on request.


Question..   I need a special map for my group, but can't see anything like it.   Can you help ?

Answer..      Absolutely.   Simply call us on 0455 296 533, and we will discuss it with you, so you

                   may send further information and data to us by email.     We will either provide a solution,

                   or refer you on to another company for their assistance.


Question..  How will BMA ship my product, and is it insured.

Answer..     Most of the products we sell are shipped by Australia Post, in heavy post tubes.

                  The postal charge will include registration for tracking, and full insurance of your product. 


Question..  I live outside of Australia and wish to purchase your products.  Can you ship international.

Answer..     Yes.    We provide a costing as part of the product quote, and use DHL International.


Question..  Can you brand maps with my company logo for a conference ?

Answer..     Yes we can.   Logo branding is a specific service we offer to companies, for numerous

                   purposes, and further information can be found under our Home page heading Client Services.



Question..   I operate a city based transport company, and one going interstate.   Can you help.  

Answer..      We can make road maps two suit both your operations.   Depending on what detail

                    your operations needed, we can even show you examples so you may guide us in

                    creating your own product. 


Question..   I was referred to your company.  What sort of maps do you actually sell.

Answer..     That's a good question.    We specialize in creating custom products to meet your needs 

                   as a businessman.     We sell a wide range of mining and oil / gas maps, and the

                   website has a number of products specific to Australia - from town road maps to

                   mega sized maps of the states and the whole country.


Question..  If I have my own map picture or image, can you work with that to make something else.

Answer..     We would be happy to look at what imagery you have, and determine if we can use it.

                  If suitable, the image would save time in producing your desired product, and costs are

                  worked out accordingly.