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Direct Printing


In today's modern world, technology has given us great advances and developments that enable us to produce a wide range of different products to supplement the original mounting process.

The Process..

Very large, sophisticated computerized printing machines now enable us to take Digital imagery, and print that image straight onto a big variety of backing mediums, thus producing a variety of products to suit a range of client needs and functions.    These machines will print items up to 3.5 meters continuous width and unlimited length, and onto a range of materials such as paper, foam board,  plastic and steel. 


The Products..
  • Traditional Foam Boards.     The traditional foam core products, along with super dense Gator boards, can still be used, except now the image is printed directly onto the board, giving an excellent finish wit no chance of laminates bubbling or lifting.    Suitable for image sizes up to about 2 meters in size, depending on applications. 
  • Water Proof Backing:        For some external applications, we can print the image onto a completely waterproof type of plastic paper.  The ink is guaranteed not to run ( waterproof), and some of the mediums can easily be folded for compact transport, while staying fully useable.     Recommendations for specific applications and backings are provided on a case by case basis.
  • Vinyl Banners:              Large sheets of Poly plastic and Vinyl can take high quality, full color imagery straight onto the surfaces, producing very attractive and effective advertising mediums, along with notices for schools, clubs and a multitude of commercial applications.

In addition to producing high quality products from B.M.A.s own mapping and poster sources, we are happy to look at any imagery the client may wish to utilise in the process.     Each situation of 3rd Party imagery is assessed on it's merits, and processed accordingly.


Please contact us on 0455 296 533 , for more information on these exciting products for your company.