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Direct Print - Metal


There are many places in industry and commerce, where maps and other imagery must be produced on a                         product that can withstand harsh conditions, and fulfill unique purposes                                .    

Steel Magnetic Sheet.. 
Business Maps Australia can provide imagery Direct Printed on Steel Magnetic sheeting, for attachment to any external surface where strength is the primary issue.
Images can be coated with special poly resin compounds to make them dirt / salt / UV resistant.  
In some applications where maps are used to track cargoes or transport units, the map has a special coating that allows hand work on the map;  notations can be temporary or permanent in nature.
Magnetic markers are ideal with these types of applications, and the mag.lock effect is not hindered by paper, glues or laminates.

ACE / Aluminium Signs..

Commercial settings and applications can require signage that is asthetically pleasing, while being light weight and easy to work with.




 Maps or any type of sign or poster image can be printed onto the Aluminium sheeting for installation in many external display environments.


Please contact us on 0455 296 533, for more information on these services for your company.