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Client Services


Business Maps Australia 

Can provide a range of customizing services for client specific mapping products, including but not limited to the following..

  • Enlargements and customized maps of Australia in three different styles.
  • Enlargements of all Australian states and territories.  Different styles of  maps, and dimensions to suit client's needs and budgets.
  • Customized sections of Australia to client specifications, relating to size and geographic coverage.  Regional maps and area specific road maps.
  • Enlarged or section road maps of over 500 Australian regional towns, taken from the UBD state directory's        " Country Road Atlas "  series.
  • Customized street maps of the main towns in Western Australia, taken from the Land gate " Streetsmart " series of maps.
  • Size and area specific street maps of every capital city in Australia, taken from the UBD city mega maps and made to client specifications.  Scales from 1:5000 through to 1:30,000 will provide clear "..street level.." detail.   1:20,000 is the Directory scale, and provides excellent wall sized maps, with very clear detail at affordable prices.
  • Aerial Photographic imagery of areas of Western Australia, using the Land gate sponsored digital photo imagery, and plotted to client scale, size and specifications.
  • Company logos and other relevant data can be overlaid on a variety of maps, to produce unique working tools for company operations and marketing.

If you are unable to find the image or example that assists you, please contact us on 0455 296 533 or email us on  


and we will be glad to answer your questions and assist you.