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What Trading Partners do We Share..?

by Steven Randall

It occurs to me in the past few months, and especially in the past week that we share a lot of commonality with the United States of America in terms of trading partners, and also places where some of our migrants come from.

In thinking of trade, the first and perhaps one of the largest trading partners we share is China; below is a picture of one of the world's largest container ports- Shanghai...

Millions of containers with an almost limitless variety of cargo move in and out of here every year., and a good deal of cargo moves to and from Australia through this port.

We export LNG to several shared trading partners, including to this terminal in India...

This nation is growing in it's importance to Australia as a destination for everything from Grain and Coal, to many forms of Technology.

With the new US president looking to get a " better deal" for his country, the current territorial dispute over the Spratley Islands...

and nearby waters will flare up to a serious level in the near future, and a great deal of our commerce and exports traverse these waters on their way to many of our Asian partners.

Australia currently dispatches over 22 million tons of LNG a year to many Asian markets... including China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Some of this cargo passes through the South China Sea, and it is critical that this area remains totally free of any marine interference for the benefit of all international trade.

It will be very important for our politicians and industry leaders to work hard towards encouraging each of our trading partners that Confrontation and Isolationism are very counterproductive to everyone.

If you have an interest in any regional trade areas, or simply an interest in this region, I invite you to consider the Trade Map Series displayed on our web site at ...

Global Trade Map Series

This series consists of the World Shipping Routes / China's Top 25 Coastal Ports / India's Top 20 Ports / Africa's Top 60 Ports and Australia's Top 30 Ports. These maps include the commodities handled by the ports, as well as additional material on the regional trade.

Please feel free to call us on +61455 296 533 or email info@businessmaps.com.au if you have any queries. Enjoy..








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