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Trade Series - World Shipping Routes and Key Ports.

by Steven Randall

 This custom built world map is possibly unique, in that it combines the following key features all in one publication:

  • Fully featured full colour political world map with all national political boundaries.
  • All National capitals, and key towns.
  • 130 key ports globally.
  • Ports are highlighted and colour coded to four key commodities:Iron Ore / Coal / Oil / Containers.
  • Major world shipping routes; colour coded for high / medium and low density traffic.
  • Scaled at 1:25 Million.


Originally built for an international client, the World Shipping Routes map provides at one glance a comprehensive picture of the global trading picture;  the sources of key products and the activity that creates the international trading events so important for all countries, but particularly for Australia.

Antwerp (pictured below), is one of many European city ports that ship huge quantities of manufactured products through the containerized system to key markets .... 

...in the USA such as Baltimore...and to the largest market by population - China.

Baltimore USA ...                                                  and Dalian in China..


These are high density trading routes from Europe out to the US, and through the Red Sea to Southern and Eastern Asia, including Japan and Korea.    The production of thousands of Asian factories is also carried back along these Marine highways to a Billion consumers in the Western hemisphere.        This shipping traffic carries the life blood of many countries, as the global trading enterprise supports many hundreds of millions of jobs.  


Crude Oil - the life blood of Western civilization.. one of the largest marine highways in the world starts at Karg Island Oil terminal in the Persian Gulf.... 

Again a very high density set of routes begin here and span out across the globe, as this precious cargo  moves in ever larger shipping movements and tanker vessels, and fuels the very basis of world trade.


 From the world's largest iron ore facility of Port Hedland in Western Australia...                                                                                                    
               and Tubareo in Brazil...          

Iron ore flows to feed the massive Chinese industrial complex and the global steel markets markets generally.   Minerals of all kinds find their way around this giant marine super highway from a hundred different sources, to the key manufacturing points on the globe.

These are just a few of the huge centres that are a part of the global shipping industry, supplying and transporting the essential products that support commerce, fuel the civilized world, and create the huge industrial complexes that build our way of life.

For more information about this map and it's custom versions, please contact us on 0455 296 533, or email   info@businessmaps.com.au  



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