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L.N.G. - The New Environmental Fuel.

by Steven Randall

 Over the past few years some people in the Environmental lobby have questioned the  efforts of many large companies when it comes to seeking real changes to, and improvements in the area of Carbon reduction and climate change.

Last year at the major LNG 18 Gas Conference held in Perth, Woodside Energy announced a whole new program called the Joint Industry project, which was based around the concept of using LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) as a main fuel source for large bulk carriers on the Australia to Asia Shipping routes.

Woodside, along with a number of major mining companies including BHP Billiton, and several shipping companies including the Japanese Mitsui group, are proposing a design for a large carrier in the 200,000 ton class to be powered by dual LNG / Diesel engines.  The full story can be read here in the Energy News Bulletin, as Woodside and this group of major industrial and mining groups take the first steps in a step change to the means of fuelling a portion of the world's cargo fleet...

 Woodside and other oil and gas producers are also making inroads into the support vessel situation, with Woodside recently signing a charter to engage a new support vessel powered by LNG to provide support for Woddside's offshore oil and gas activities.
It is an established fact that LNG can burn with up to a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to some fossil fuels, and the shipping transport involved in our global trading activities currently burn fossil fuels that produce many millions of tons of CO2 a year.
According to the Department of Industry and Commerce, over 1.65 Billion tons of freight was handled in our ports in 2014 -2015...



 The shipping vessels needed to shift that volume, over time converted to LNG, will make a major difference to our environment.

As industry takes theses early but steady steps towards cleaner transport, we are seeing real progress towards environmental improvements.

For more information on global shipping; shipping in the Asia Pacific region; Asian LNG industry and more, please go to our web site and the heading   The Trade Map Series       and browse through our mapping on LNG /Mining/ Trade and the wide range of political mapping available.









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