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Global Trade Map Series.

by Steven Randall


For the past 18 months, We have been working here at Business Maps Australia to create a unique set of maps that provide companies and business groups with up to date information relating to the key countries Australia trades with, in terms of destinations, shipping and commodities handled.

Eighteen months ago we published the first map, titled China - Top 25 Coastal Ports. This map set up the eastern region of China, and listed the 25 key coastal ports of the country, ,and included the key commodities handled by each port. These included Coal, Iron Ore, Container traffic, Grain, Oil and LNG. This data gives people a clear idea of WHAT is being shipped WHERE in China, and is extremely useful for freight forwarders, manufacturers and anyone with an interest in international trade.

Then we published the India Top 25 Ports map, along the sames lines - with ports and key commodities. Later the Australia Top 30 Ports published in February this year.

In January of 2016, we published a potentially unique map, originally built for an international client called The World Shipping Routes Map.

This product contains comprehensive data on the international trade scene; full colour political world with complete political designations; all the major global shipping routes set up in three colour categories - high / medium and low freight density; 130 key ports on all continents; the ports being colour coded to indicate the key product the handle - being Oil, Iron Ore, Coal, Container traffic.

Just recently, Business Maps have published and brought to market the title... Africa - Top 60 Ports, and this map carries on in the same style with the Ports symbolized for capital cities and town ports; and listed in four sections geographically, with the key commodities listed. The map also contains data displaying the Top 14 Ports by Tonnage in 2015, and the Top 10 Oil producers by volume (mmboe) in 2015.

So now we have available to all clients and interested people a full set of five maps outlining trade in and outside of Australia we call The Trade Map Series. These can all be view - and purchased - online at this link....

Business Maps Australia - Trade Maps Series











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