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Gladstone LNG - Part 2.

by Steven Randall

Today we will have a brief look at the other two LNG plants on Curtis Island at Gladstone, and continue to consider the huge impact of the new Coal Seam Gas Industry on the Queensland and Australian economy.


Queensland Curtis LNG ..

This LNG project is a partnership between the British BG Group and the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company - CNOOC, and had an initial construction budget of approximately  A$ 23- 25 Billion.    In 2016 the Royal Dutch Shell group made a successful takeover bid for the BG group, and from mid 2017 will take ownership of Queensland Curtis LNG,, pictured below....


The plant will draw its natural gas supplies via pipeline from the Surat Basin in Southern Queensland, and has approval for up to 3 processing trains to produce approximately 8 million tons of LNG a year.

 The two key buyers for QCLNG product are Chubu Electric of Japan, and Tokyo Gas of Japan.    Tokyo Gas is the largest Natural Gas provider in Japan, and operates receiving terminals across the country. 

 The company provides Natural Gas to millions of homes, and large parts of the Japanese industrial base, making our LNG a critical part of their infrastructure.


 Chubu Electric is the third largest electric power generating utility in Japan;  supplying  much of the power to Honshu Island....

 ...and is one of Japan's main importers of LNG.   Australian product is heavily in that mix, and this Unconventional Gas Project is enabling us to make major contributions to the Asian economy and lifestyle.



 Gladstone LNG....

This plant was built and is operated by a partnership between Santos Australia (30%), Petronas Ltd of Malaysia (27.5%), Total Oil of France (27.5%), and Kogas of South Korea (15%).

The LNG plant had an initial built cost of around A$22 Billion;  approval for a multi train development and total production capacity of 7.8 million tons per year.     The Natural Gas for the development will come to Curtis Island via a 420 km pipeline from the Surat and Bowen Basin fields.


 The major buyers for this plant's LNG are Petronas Ltd and Kogas.

Petronas of Malaysia .. is one of the worlds leading LNG producers, and operates the world's largest single plant site at Bintulu in Sarawak.... 

It has an offtake agreement with GLNG for some 3.5 million tons PA of gas, and will use this product both in Malaysia and internationally.

 KOGAS is the world's largest importer of LNG, and is owned by the South Korean government.  It operates four receiving terminals in the country......

... and over 4,00 kilometers of distributing pipeline systems.  Once again, Australia's Unconventional Gas industry is making a major contribution to our Asian neighbour's economics, and we will do so for several decades yet.


This concludes our overview of the Gladstone / Curtis Island LNG complex....

Over A $ 90 billion have been spent here, but we have three world class LNG facilities that when fully operational, will produce over 23 million tons of product for export every year - worth an estimated A$30 Billion to our economy.     We trust these articles have been of interest, and invite your visit to our website ....


for more information, or call us at   +61 455296533 for assistance.  

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