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Business Maps Australia - Digital Imagery.

by Steven Randall

Business Maps Australia was originally founded to meet the market demands for specialized and Niche market products in the mapping industry.   Recently, we have been asked by some clients about supplying Digital imagery for their own useage - whether in house on IT systems, or to run their own marketing programs etc.

Maps such as this custom Asia Pacific section fulfil a need to provide many needs for the clients, but with major IT networks now being used in international and local groups, we have seen requests increase for more and different services.

 So after some considerations, the company has been able to set up the facilities to provide Hi Resolution, hi detail mapping in a variety of file types to assist our clients in their work.

Street Mapping..

We can construct and supply hi detailed street mapping of the major cities and many towns; some with Cadastral (sub division) information overlaid.

Cost vary greatly, and we work with the client to achieve the product needed, at a competitive price, with licenses set up from single in house prints, through to widespread multi-media useage as is needed.


Regional / Australian / International products...

 We can supply a wide range of imagery under license to support clients who have multiple project useage, and need the flexibility of in house function.




 File types vary from small fixed files for specific sizes and numbers, throgh to completed Vector imagery that can be modified in-house to suit client needs or run updates as needed.

Please call us on 0455 296 533, or email to   info@businessmaps.com.au  and we will be happy to discuss a solution for your company or next project.


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