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BMA - Mining - Oil and Gas.

by Steven Randall

Business Maps Australia supply a wide range of Resources and Oil and Gas mapping, covering Australia and the individual states, and a comprehensive range of Global oil and Gas information through associated providers.

We supply the Australian Mines and Minerals Map, and around 12 maps of the key individual minerals such as iron ore and copper.



 Individual state maps of localized mines and deposits are available on request, and these can have company data / asset locations etc overlaid if required.

New maps such as the recently published 2015 Bowen Basin Coal and Mining map provide up to date information on the key mining and exploration areas.

 Australia has significant reserves of natural gas, and limited oil  reserves, and the most up to date mapping for all products are available.   A recent publication by Geoscience Australia called Australian Petroleum and Pipelines provides a broad picture of both the deposits and the infrastructure built to distribute our reserves.



Current mapping of the very significant gas fields of the Western Australian North West Shelf are produced and can be supplied at varying sizes and on a variety of backing as required.

Australia's vast reach in the global LNG market...

is illustrated on the recently published Asia west Pacific LNG Terminals Map, that provides for the first time, a comprehensive listing of the LNG production facilities in Australia and across the Asia Pacific Region.  This map and others can be seen on this web link,....


For any information on Australian and international resources mapping, please call us on 0455 296 533, or email at   info@businessmaps.com.au  and we will be happy to assist.

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