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BMA - Custom World and Regional Maps.

by Steven Randall

Business Maps Australia create and produce many types of world and regional maps for clients including customized maps for Cruise lines; maps containing logistical data such as Ports and major population centres for service companies, through to probably one of the largest world maps made at 8.5 mts x 4.5 mts, displaying the Worlds major Shipping Routes...



Regional sections...

This section of the Asia Pacific was created for a client to assist with their logistics program shipping equipment around the S.W Pacific.   Additional key ports and population centers were added, along with some colour coding to help definition.



Commercial mapping...

Business Maps Australia has just completed a series of commercially based maps called The Trade Map Series, that highlight the major ports and key commodities handled in each one, across Eastern China, India, Australia and Continental Africa.

The fifth map that compliments these ports maps is the World Shipping Map; possibly for the first time combining a full colour full detail political map, including 130 key Global ports, and the main commodity handled by each place.


 This map specifically lists the to 60 largest ports on the continent, along with the products handled, including mineral, general cargo, containers and crude oil...



 Please call us on 0455 296 533, or email to    info@businessmaps.com.au  if you have any questions or wish to discuss your next operational need.



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