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BMA - Custom Australia.

by Steven Randall

We provide a wide range of products centered on the Australian mapping material, and provide a full selection of state and regional imagery.  Maps can be produced of any state or section of Australia, and the images printed in a variety of sizes from 1000 mm in size to the mega sized wall maps used in Operations Centers and warehouses.



Maps of Australia can be produced in paper and laminated, or direct printed to Magnetic steel sheet, Aluminium, Foam Board or Self Adhesive Vinyl.   The map below was produced for an oil industry client to track tropical storms relative to seaborne assets.

Client information such as asset positions, company data and logos etc can be overlaid as required. 

Access to a hi detail hi resolution database of the entire country enables us to produce very detailed regional maps of any area of Australia, and to print them to paper of metal according to client specifications.

 This data is particularly helpful for clients involved in long distance haulage, or distance travel in the outback.   Accurate route logging can save thousands of dollars in fuel and time, and we can produce any area or region needed for your operations.


 Please call us on 0455 296 533 if you have any questions, or would like to discuss a new project, or email us at   info@businessmaps.com.au  


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