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Australia's Connection to the Sea

by Steven Randall


From the very beginning Australia has had a vital and ongoing connection with the sea. It brought the first colonists here in 1788; carried our first exports of wool back to Mother England, and continues to this day bringing new          " colonists" looking for a better life.



As a modern country trading in the twenty first century, we supply huge amounts of raw materials to many parts of the world, enabling large numbers of people to improve THEIR standards of living.   In doing this we have developed a wide range of friendships and relationships sometimes unique to Australia.


Sea transport enables us to earn Billions of dollars in export earnings not otherwise possible, and gives us a strong means of growth.

The oceans are a source of great riches to Australia, supplying Vast amounts of oil and gas for domestic consumption, as well as huge exports of quality fuel to many of our trading partners...


Marine transport is enabling us to be a major player in the global LNG industry; currently shipping around 20 million tons of this increasingly sought after product to Asia and beyond.  This sea borne trade is directly and positively effecting the global Carbon issue, reducing CO2 emissions, and letting Australia contribute to the reduction in climate change.   

 We have for many years harvested food from the sea, and now with modern fish farming methods no longer rely on seasonal factors alone to supply our own tables and many more around the world with high quality food products.


Tourism is a major industry that has as a central draw card our relationship with WATER.  From the local beaches, to recreational fishing, to Bluewater cruising; all these pass times are a part of Australia's ongoing connection to the sea, and provide billions more income to the nation's coffers


and then when we have worked hard, and done what needs to be done, we personally take time out to spend personal time with our families in that watery environment that we enjoy so much, and that means so much to us as Australians...

So let's enjoy this relationship, and look after it so we can have it for generations to come.

 Business Maps Australia invites you to view our recently published World Shipping Routes Map, that provides a comprehensive display of the global connections Australia has with the rest of the world - our ongoing Connection to the Sea....

 World Shipping Routes Map..













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