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Detailed Regional Road Mapping.

by Steven Randall

Australia is a very large country, being over 4.7 million square kilometers in area, with over 60% being very arid desert country.    Most of our 24 million people are settled on the eastern fringe of the continent, with 2.3 million only in the western third of the continent.


We have very good road mapping of our cities and regional towns, and some good mapping products for touring the country, but much of this is of such a scale as to show only major road and infrastructure features.   many of the regional maps actually cover 2-300,000 sq km at a time.

This makes it difficult to find products that give very detailed road information, especially for commerce and industrial groups who need to spend time in the outback.

Business Maps Australia is now able to produce a product that gives clients very high detail roads and infrastructure information for any place or region in Australia, at 1:250,000 scale.

This is approximately 3 - 5 times the detail of any other standard mapping available, and is available on demand from us.

For example, 12 months ago we created a map for a NSW client who needed the western thrid of NSW state in high detail.   We were able to create the needed area from this database,, and printed a map in three sections- total size approximately 2100 mm  x 1600 mm.

The map showed very detailed roads, with outback station homesteads and station infrastructure.

Below are a couple of examples of the products recently produced for clients in both the east and west - some service companies and one major transport operator...


 This mapping is helpful for people who need high level detail of areas not normally covered well, or covered at broad scale because of size.

We can also overlay information such as company logos, asset positions and proposed project information to suit client needs.

Please feel free to contact us on 0455 296 533

or email  info@businessmaps.com.au

with any queries or ideas for your company


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