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World Shipping Routes Map.

by Steven Randall

In our modern 21st century world, the global village is tied together by a worldwide commerce system, and this is to a great extent enabled by a huge worldwide seaborne transport network, shifting billions of dollars worth of goods between countries and continents.


The economies of every developed country depend on this freight system as a major stream of life blood; facilitating trade, generating millions of jobs, and literally building life on the planet.             In the midst of this trade flow, there are specific commodities such as oil, base metals and coal, that have key importance in the overall flow of money and goods globally.  

Over a couple of years we have received inquiries from clients looking for a map of the world that shows the major shipping routes between the continents..

..and is clear to read, while retaining a good amount of information on /about the map itself geographically.         Would it be possible to show the major ports of the world, and perhaps what were the key products handled.

Well, recently we were contacted by an international client who requested a map with just these parameters.   The last part of the challenge was to make the map 5000 mm long x 2600 mm high. 

So we took a copy of this full colour World map..


 ..trimmed the far north and southern latitudes from the image ( very few ships spend any time in the ice latitudes), and overlaid three specific sets of shipping routes across the map;  High /medium and low density tracks, following the majority of seaborne traffic - the data being gathered from several current sources.    The tracks are color-coded for the type of traffic on each route. 

To compliment the ship tracks, we overlaid 130 major ports in highlight color, and coded them according to the key product noted for the port.      Products included Oil, Coal, Iron Ore and Containers.            The final result was a world map with high levels of color and geographic detail, and displaying a comprehensive set of global shipping data....


The map was printed in 6 panels - 850 mm wide x 2600 mm long, trimmed for joining onsite, laminated and shipped to the client prior to Christmas 2015.           This was one of the larger maps produced by Business Maps Australia, and will be a wonderful display and educating product once installed in the client's facility. 

Customized for the Client's needs..

Business Maps Australia will probably produce this map in three standard sizes  from 1500 mm long to about 3000 mm long, available for rapid shipment as needed.

The image can also be produced at almost any size within the client's practical needs, and can be printed onto paper / Aluminium and Magnetic Steel sheeting/ standard and Self Adhesive Vinyl / and of course a range of board backings.


Please feel free to contact us on 0455 296 533, or email  info@businessmaps.com.au  for more details about this or any other map or service you would like to discuss..

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