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8. National Ports Series - Where does it go.

by Steven Randall

World Trade reaches right into Your company / Every Company. 
Over the past 10 -15 years the trade in goods and services that was for so long focused on Europe and the United States of America, has suddenly come speeding into every company and every family living room in Australia.      The concept ".isolated nation.."  that the events elsewhere did not affect us is long gone.  - now our 24 hour news cycles and global satellite coverage have us in New York for that fashion show;  in Singapore for the next LNG conference and so on - right across the world.
At left is a picture of one of the world's largest container ports - Shanghai in China. Millions of containers with an almost limitless variety of cargo move in and out of here every year.
Over the past few years clients have spoken to us about having a map that showed the main ports of places like China, India and Japan, and even more - showing the commodities those centres handled.
So after several months of research, with information from a large number of authoritative sources, we have now published the first two of a proposed series of five maps.     

The image opposite is the China - Top 25 Coastal Ports.. and includes up to 6 of the key commodities these ports handle.    These commodities include LNG, coal, iron ore, crude oil,grain and container traffic.    This map is very useful for those in the shipping/ transport / freight forwarding industries.
It is also designed for anyone just interested in where our major export products end up - and has been well received by the industry.                
China was very prominent in the lead up to, and period post the Global Financial Crisis, with the country pouring cash into it's economy to keep its commodity consumption high
.But India is still coming forward.   The democratic style of government existent in India means growth will probably move slower;  more of a steady progress forward.   But they still have 1.3 Billion people to feed, clothe and bring forward into the 21st century.      So trade with them is very important, and Australia is often in the box seat to assist with commodities, services, and just good old fashioned friendship.
Watch out also in the near future for this region too...
We will be doing some special things with this map in the next 6 months.
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