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Mining and Resources - A World View..

by Steven Randall

 The mining and resources industry has an enormous impact on the modern world, and provides the building blocks for our modern lifestyle, with everything from railways to skyscrapers to plastics all products of the resources industry.

Here in Australia, the mining industry was a key part in the growth and development of the infant nation, with gold the early driver, and later on the base metals and more exotic deposits such as uranium came into play                                                           .

Two specific minerals have been key elements in the growth of our industry;    

  • The abundant coal reserves found in Eastern Australia ( QLD and Central Coast of NSW)..
  • The massive reserves of Iron Ore, particularly those discovered in the 1970's in the Pilbara region of Western Australia..


 As part of the Global commercial system, we ship our products to a multitude of markets in the Asian region and beyond, and as such compete with groups in many parts of the world.

Business Maps Australia supplies a wide range of Mining and hard rock maps covering much the the national mining industry, from the national coverage maps of iron ore / copper / and the base metals, to individual state by state coverage of current operations.

 Our minerals are shipped overseas at a rate of approximately 1.2 billion tons per year...

... and effect the economies and lifestyles of a significant part of the world's population.   Australia really does have a major world-shaping perspective with our industry, and will continue to do so for many decades to come.





Please feel free to call us here on 0455 296 533, or email me at

info@businessmaps.com.au   and let us assist you  with your needs for this critical industry. 











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