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7 . Custom International - Which Country.

by Steven Randall

Which Country would you like.
Some time ago we were approached by an International ship cruise company, who were interested in producing a map to cover their Asian and Pacific cruising region.   The brief included the addition and highlighting of over 120 ports of call for this company, and was to cover an area stretching from Thailand to Alaska, from Milford Sound to French Polynesia.
   So we took this world map...
made some geographical and political data enhancements, and produced this large wall map - approximately 1800 mm x  1400 mm laminated.                                                      This type of customization is frequently used by clients who need some thing different, or certainly non-standard, to facilitate or support work being done or being planned for company projects. 
In light of some of the cultural and political / economic
changes around the world, people wanted to better understand where Australia fitted into the Asian region.   So we took a section of the world map, enlarged and enhanced it, and produced the current Asia West Pacific map, used by many clients as standard, in with even further customization.
.Business Maps Australia has also customized the main political maps of China and India, to produce unique maps of the country's main coastal ports, along with both the key commodities shipped and handled by those ports.   The ports are colour highlighted to stand our, are listed in the index from North to South to match the geographic locations, and show up to six key commodities handled by each one. 





National maps are available for Indonesia (above), India,
continental Africa and more.   
Please call us on 0455 296 533, and let us help you with your next mapping project.

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