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5. Australia - Customize to Your request.

by Steven Randall


Welcome to the largest island continent on earth...

  • Over 7 million Square Km
  • 24 million people
  • 34,000 Km of coastlines around the mainland, ranging from peaceful tropical beaches to some of the harshest coast in the world.
  • Rainfall across the continent averages less than 500 mm per year - some places less than 100 km per year.
  • Contains the two largest Granite Monoliths in the world - Mt. Augustus and Ayres Rock.
  • Great Barrier Reef - worlds longest coral reef, running over 2000 km along the NE coast of Australia.



One of the many feature of this country is it's sheer size and isolation, both from the rest of the world, and within - the great distances traversed between cities.   This distance has created two of the great railway train journeys of the world.    Running from Perth on the Indian Ocean to Sydney on the Pacific coast, the Indian Pacific passenger train traverses a massive 9,000 Km on it's week round trip, and over 1 million people have seen the huge contrasts of the nation from this great vehicle.


The Ghan is a passenger freighter that runs from North to South, between Adelaide on the Southern Ocean, and Darwin - ".. the Territory.." , running a huge 6,000 Km on it;'s round journey.     Tourists from all over the world travel here just to ride these great journeys, and see the real, unspoiled outback of Australia.  





We can produce a variety of very colourful maps of the country at many sizes, from images with a white background, to the ones shown above and next to; and these images can also be produced on paper laminated, or a variety of backings such as self adhesive Vinyl, magnetic metal sheet and Aluminium sheeting.




A full range of Australian state maps is also available, from the rich continental colours of the General Reference map database, such as the Victorian map at left................ 


 to the white background Hema maps and in various sizes.



We can overlay asset positions, company logos and other general information for you, and are available to consult on the details of what you may need to suit your project or display area.

 The state maps can be created to almost any required size, and we have recently built Western Australia as a state 2.7 meters high for a cleaning company wanting to list all their contract teams and clients.     Earlier this year we built a map of Australia from the yellow database 2.6 meters x 2.3 meters and directly printed it onto magnetic steel sheet for a mining services company with national clients.

Please call me on 0455 296 533 -  if you have any queries, or need advice on mapping for your situation.


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