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Custom Street Mapping.

by Steven Randall

Business Maps Australia specializes in designing and producing hi resolution, high detaill maps for any area of any city or population centre in Australia.     We can produce very detailed maps of the Capital city CBD areas, and within practical parameters produce them to almost any size required.

This service is used a lot by the Real Estate industry, along with Franchisee's and close range courier services.


Clients request extraction of small areas.. 2 -3 suburbs .. to effect saturation marketing campaigns.   Some maps have ended up 2.5 mt long and supported 18 month marketing schedules.    The image in this article shows street mapping at approximately 1:30,000 scale.       At 1:7,000 scale the graphics are extremely large and clear, and can serve many purposes.

Customize to your needs..

We can make one suburb 2 metres square, or create a whole city map 4-5 metres in size if necessary.     If you are in the real estate industry, I invite you to give us a call on   0455 296 533 to discuss your next project.

The image above is one of the UBD business maps, containing all the suburbs and major roads of this city.   Underneath is a clip showing the detail level available with this map.

We produce a wide range of custom versions and sections of these business maps for clients needing large regional maps of city areas, but without extreme detail.

These custom works can be printed on paper and laminated for ease of use and shipping, and we ship anywhere in Australia or overseas.   We can also arrange to print imagery directly onto a range of sub strates such as foam board, steel and vinyl

 Listed below are the web addresses to all the pages on our web site that will give you information on the maps for all the capital cities, and those of the large regional centres such as Newcastle...








Please call me on 0455 296 533  and let us help with your next mapping project.

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