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Business Maps Australia - Origins

by Steven Randall


Business Maps Australia – Mapping for Better Business outcomes.

Welcome to the new series of blogs that will walk you through the beginnings of this company, and provide a detailed look at our products and services.

Over the past 18 months of our trading, many people have asked “..what do you do, and what is custom mapping..”.        So we have decided to set up this series of 15 – 20 articles describing our products, and walk through the Business Maps Australia website so that this question – and probably many other will be answered.


The needs of commerce and industry have changed significantly in recent years, and now more than ever, marketing and development needs require accurate, specific products to enable business leaders to target specific areas / demographics with their message.

Business Maps Australia was created from 20 years of past experiences with many clients, listening to people who needed products and services not always available to the marketplace.      Now, business owners can access mapping products and services that will provide products needed, when they are needed, and at competitive prices.

Let’s look at the BMA website and make note of some directions...


Home Page:

This site is fully e-commerce capable, and fully secured with Eway encryption for Paypal and credit card transactions.      Note the Brown header strip below the EWay symbol..

This contains our 7 major categories of products and services, and we will look at these areas in detail over the coming days.   The “Latest News “ section will contain our blogs and news about all new products coming in 2016 – there are a few of these too.

Click on the bar “ What is custom Mapping” and you will view a short video by our friendly PR lady Faye.. this gives you a brief run through of what we do in principle.

Need a map or quote” is designed to give you immediate access to us by email or phone – just click on the left hand box or call me direct – 6 days a week.

For more detailed information on specific areas, click on one of the green box titles to look at those areas, with a new Oil and Gas video coming in the new Year.

If you have a question about specific items then the titles in the R.H. Orange box give you immediate email links to us for obligation free information to assist with your latest project.

Every product page ...

 contains information on the product concerned, including pricing for a sample size map, and also makes communicating with us easy – simply click the Green Square to email, or call me direct if you have pressing deadlines to meet.

Custom Work:

It’s important to remember that these prices are for the sample maps illustrated, as over 80% of our work for clients is customized – we work with clients to produce maps for their specific needs, and the work is priced on a task by task basis.

Looking at our Header Bar again, we have seven major areas of products:

Custom Street Maps –   utilizing the data of the Hardie Grant publishing group, we can produce high                                                                                              detailed, up to date very large maps of almost any population centre in Australia.

Custom Australia -  this section deals with all mapping relevant to this huge country of ours, including state maps and a variety of unusual sections.

Custom World – includes world maps and a range of national and regional maps, some exclusive to   Business Maps Australia.

Mining and Resources – we supply a comprehensive range of maps for Australia’s resources sector, and also provide global coverage of resources with the Intierra series from S & N Metals and Mining.

Oil and Gas – Coverage of the industry in Australia and  the Asia Pacific region;  globally we provide detailed coverage with the quality maps of the “ Petroleum Economist ” series out of UK.

Digital Mapping -  an area of growing importance, in again providing clients with services and products according to their needs.

Direct printing -  the capacity to produce quality mapping imagery on a wide range of backing  sub strates.   More on this later.


So we hope this introduction helps you to find your way around our services, and invite you to call us on 0455 296 533 with any questions.       We will be back shortly with the first of the articles – this one detailing our work with custom street mapping in Australia.   Cheers














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