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New Release of the China Ports Map..

by Steven Randall

China - The Top 25 Ports. 
The team at Business Maps Australia have recently completed several months of research to bring a specialist map of China to market.  
Just a few basic facts about the People's Republic of China...
  • China is the 3rd largest country in the world.
  • 9.5 million square km.
  • 1.374 Billion people.
  • Han Chinese account for 93% of the population, along with 55 minority ethnic groups.
  • Mandarin Chinese the main language.
  • One of Australia's largest trading partners.
China has trading links world wide, and ships hundreds of millions of tones of freight each year through her main coastal ports.   Goods are shipped globally; to Europe, Australia, to North and South America.   Key commodities shipped in and out include vast amounts of Container traffic, Iron Ore, coal, Crude Oil, Grains, and increasing quantities of Liquified Natural Gas - LNG.
This newly constructed political map has been modified in answer to many inquiries from clients for a well detailed map that shows the main ports of Eastern China, and the types of commodities that move through those ports.    
    • The ports are highlighted in red text, and listed in the Legend in geographical order from North to South.
    • Key commodities are listed next to each port, according to the product legend.   This map gathers into one source information previously available from multiple sources. 
    • The company produces two standard versions of this map, for ease of display and pricing as shown on the included web link..
    • We can produce the map to any size to suit client needs and specifications, and items such as company logos and asset positions can be overlaid as needed.
    Clients are invited to call  0455 296 533  or email  info@businessmaps.com.au  with any questions.
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