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2015 - Welcome to the New Year.

by Steven Randall

Welcome to the New Year with Business Maps Australia, and I believe it's probably going to be a very interesting one for many of us in commerce and industry.

Here at Business Maps Australia, we will be doing several new things this year.  As of January 15th, our Business Maps Australia website will feature a new look home page, including..

  • Easier contact details readily available - phone and email.
  • The key question for many clients - ".. what is custom mapping.." is now addressed with a new video clip to explain the process and examples of mapping.
  • Category Clips..   shortly three additional videos will be set up to cover the product categories of Custom Street Mapping, Custom World and International, and Mining and Resources, with more to come.

A range of new to market products will be introduced over the next 2- 3 weeks, including..

  • New map of Eastern China.  This is new to market and possible a first in Australia  -    the map displays the Top 25 Coastal Ports of mainland China by tonnage, AND includes six key commodities shipped through those ports. 

Starting in February, we will be commencing our Map Information Service.   Each week, a post will go online referring to one of the key products in our standard range, including information on that map, it's contents, and brief comments relevant to it's commercial applications.    The aim over time is to provide a brief general reference center for general mapping information. 

Other products and services are being prepared, all aimed at giving clients and inquirers increased value for time while with us, and a better understanding of mapping content as you look to purchase from us.

We welcome all your inquiries - Phone       0455 296 533                                                                                                                      - Email.   info@businessmaps.com.au 

Take care and drive safe

Steve Randall

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